In this demo we are looking at how to provide a tool to perform a contextual search of a tweet. You can either enter a link to a tweet and perform a search on that specific tweet, or select one of the tweets the webapp provides below.

Once a search is initiated, the web app will attempt to extract a query from the text of the tweet and do a Google News search with that query. It will then try to retrieve the results and do a text analysis on the contents of the article relative to the query. The text results are ranked by a relevancy score based on this analysis. In addition we perform a Google Reverse Image search on the first image, if any, there is in the tweet.

The results of this search will be shown in a new page once the search is completed. The search and analysis may take some time, but will time out after 1 minute. The webapp only makes one attempt on the search and analysis, and will return no results if it encounters an error. If the webapp does not provide any results for your search we ask you to try again or search a different tweet.

The tweets below are generated by searching for the 12 most recent tweets using the keyword 'Ukraine', filtered for tweets in English that are verified, has images and are not a retweet.